Valet Parking Management

Republic Parking has been providing valet and related services to Hospitals, Airports, Hotels and Entertainment Venues throughout the United States for over twenty years. Our focus is on maintaining a high level of customer service and adaptable to accommodating the needs of the client. The valet attendant is the first and last person your customer sees when visiting your facility and our staff strives to provide a high level of service similar to that in a five star hotel.

The key to providing successful valet services is diligent, proactive management and excellent valet driver training. Republic Parking achieves these goals by setting up clear, concise operating procedures for our valet drivers, starters and cashiers. Every employee goes through a structured, comprehensive orientation program in which customer service is emphasized.

Automated valet parking systems have become very popular over the past ten years and Republic Parking has employed a few of these units in our valet parking programs across the country. These systems have helped us improve customer service and reduce expenses due to the increase in production of our valet staff.

Staffing & Training

Providing exceptional service is an art form requiring time and commitment in order to deploy successfully. Republic Parking’s investment in our service-delivery program is unprecedented and starts with our vetting and onboarding process. Our multi-layered hiring process ensures that only candidates who share our passion for service are advanced to the next step; our robust training platform. This e-learning platform is infused with key elements of the Disney Institute. It’s one thing to talk about exceptional service, it’s another to rewrite your DNA around it!

Capacity Management

Fluid demand and inconsistent volume is one of the few consistencies found within the hospitality world. As your strategic partner, Republic Parking will align our resources with your room and catering projections at all times. Leveraging our vast experience within the hospitality industry, our team is well-versed at procuring off-site parking options for your guests and staff alike. Allow Republic Parking to right-size your operation while delivering exceptional service at all times!


It seems as though every aspect of life is connected to some form of technology. Republic Parking’s hotel system fully integrates with your folio-management system ensuring proper billing and ease in vehicle retrieval for your customers. The perfect balance of maximized revenue and enhanced customer experience results in Republic Parking’s technology receiving a “five-star” review!