Healthcare Parking Management

Republic Parking was one of the first nationwide parking companies to focus on the unique requirements for operating a Medical Center parking operation. In the late 1960’s, Republic Parking operated a separate division focused solely on hospital parking. With over 40 years’ experience, Republic Parking System has successfully demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the Medical Center parking market.

Complex Operations

Medical Center parking operations are very complex with a large number of stakeholders and balancing the parking needs of patients, doctors, visitors and hospital staff can be a challenging endeavor. Our highly skilled and trained management teams understand the importance of the first and last impression of your medical facility and always make sure the patients and guests receive the professional care they deserve.

Republic Parking has demonstrated their ability to develop the most effective training materials used in the parking and transportation industry. Some of the training manuals completed for the employees working at the Medical Center parking operations include:

HIPPA Privacy Compliance
JCAHO Accreditation Standards
Lobby Attendant

Hospital Experience Republic Parking has experience operating complex multi-facility hospital parking campuses. Republic Parking provides valet, patient transfer and concierge type services. In addition, shuttle services for employees and patients have been successfully implemented at several of our high profile Medical Centers across the country.

We Understand Your Needs

Our parking experts create and deliver customized solutions that address the unique needs of healthcare providers and their patients, visitors, physicians, employees and volunteers.

Healthcare providers oversee complex organizations that are focused on delivering quality care in hospitals and manage significant budgets. We pro-actively manage your parking services so that you can focus on quality care. We create a positive and welcoming environment for people who are visiting or working at the hospital.

Patients and visitors may come to the hospital in a distressed state or with physical limitations for regular appointments or emergency services. We carefully select our team members and train them to put people at ease and support them as they enter or leave your facility.

Healthcare physicians, staff and volunteers work hard every day to tend to the needs of patients and visitors at the hospital. We ensure that occasional and monthly parkers have a seamless experience.