Event Parking

Republic Parking has extensive experience in operating all types of special event parking programs. These venues include professional sporting events, major university football and basketball games, convention centers, entertainment districts and smaller types of celebrations like art festivals and holiday parades.

Event Services

A single event can bring in thousands of people to your venue and it is important to have well thought out plans to ensure solid execution the day of the event. There are numerous tasks that often get overlooked and our experienced management team can help you overcome the many challenges that come with event parking. To ensure your customers have a positive parking experience, a few things Republic Parking can provide are:

–Ingress & Egress Traffic Flow Diagrams
–Lot Layout Designs and Signage Recommendations
–Revenue Control – Both Automated and Manual Systems
–Centralized Communication Programs
–Staffing Plans & Traffic Control

Event Experience

Below are a few examples of where Republic Parking provides event parking services:

City of Oklahoma City – Oklahoma City, OK – 4,800 Spaces
NBA Thunder, AHL Barons Hockey, Conventions, Big XII Baseball & Basketball Tournaments, NCAA Basketball, Concerts

City of Lincoln – Lincoln, NE – 8,000 Spaces
University of Nebraska Cornhuskers Football, Performing Arts Lied Center

City of Ann Arbor – Ann Arbor, MI – 7,000 Spaces
University of Michigan Wolverines, Arts Festival