Shuttle Bus Management

Republic Parking has provided shuttle bus services at various airports, hospitals and municipal parking systems since 1977. Our transportation division provides complete shuttle packages including driver training, the acquisition of vehicles, maintenance and insurance coverage.

Driver Safety

Selection and training of the right people for this position is extremely crucial. We need personable, safe, physically fit drivers that will operate the vehicles with great care and provide any needed assistance with customer’s baggage. We never want to give any customer the reason to be dissatisfied with our service. The same company that provides Mystery Shopper services on the parking operation provides the same service for the shuttle operation. Their impression of the cleanliness, courtesy, and driving skills of our drivers are submitted to us so that we can make any needed modifications or acknowledge the good performance of our staff.

Driver simulator training is provided by Synaxis. The simulator is brought to the site in order to allow every driver to test their skills and receive pointers on how to improve their driving. Synaxis provides a “Diploma” for each driver, along with a report on how the driver performed on each phase of the simulator training. A copy of a real diploma and training report is enclosed in the following pages for your review. To augment all of the other training provided to our drivers, we employ DriveCam. The use of these cameras allows us to analyze the performance of our drivers and offer them ideas for improving their skills, just like using the Synaxis simulator. These cameras are also invaluable for investigating incidents that may occur during the course of business. Literature regarding DriveCam is also included for your reference. There is no additional cost for the Synaxis training. That direct cost is borne by Republic Parking System’s insurance carrier.

Vehicle Maintenance

We will use a maintenance log to communicate and document information between drivers, mechanics and management concerning usage, cleaning, maintenance and unsafe conditions. The log is divided into two sections: The Inspection Checklist and the Inspection Log. Pre-Trip Inspection Check List Every driver is required to perform a pre-inspection check prior to putting any vehicle in to service. This provides us with an assurance that the vehicle is safe to operate, and provides us with records to assist us in scheduling needed preventative service and repairs.

This written pre-trip inspection is treated in one of two ways: If the inspection reveals any problems with the vehicle, the driver immediately reports the issues to the manager on duty. The manager then determines whether the problem can be immediately corrected or if the vehicle will be black-flagged. Any black flagged vehicle must be repaired and inspected by the manager before it can be placed back in service. If the vehicle passes the inspection the driver puts the vehicle into service. The pre-trip inspection form is then turned in at the end of the shift. These forms are then used to establish the permanent record for each vehicle.