Airport Parking Management

Republic Parking serves more than 70 Airports in 29 states and several international cities. Whether your Airport is a small municipal Airport or a large metropolitan hub airport, our staff and resources are ready to assist you in maximizing revenue, providing great customer service, and improving transportation efficiency. We customize our services to fit the needs of your airport’s market, volume, and needs.

Republic specializes in customizing our services to fit each airport’s individual objectives. We focus on customer service, expert revenue control, improving on-site management, providing employee training and coaching, as well as developing comprehensive equipment upgrade plans, and a marketing plan that assists our Airport clients in capturing maximum on-site parking and revenue maximization.

We manage parking operations, provide shuttle and transportation services, curbside valet, and taxi starter and curbside traffic management. We provide consulting services for traffic flow, signage and graphics, operational functionality, Parking and Revenue Control System acquisition and replacement.

Parking Management

Republic Parking manages parking operations at more than 60 Airports. While maximizing revenue for our clients is our main focus, we recognize our employees are often the first and last people your customers encounter at the Airport making customer service essential. We have worked with every revenue control manufacturer in the industry and are experts in our knowledge of fully automated parking operations, ticket in – credit card out, credit card in – credit card out, pay on foot, pay by mobile device, and parking reservations systems.

Shuttle Services

Republic Parking provides shuttle services at several airports, ranging from large commercial buses at multi lot Airports to smaller courtesy shuttles and vans at smaller airports. We use modern communications and logistics to create the most efficient routes ensuring customers have the shortest wait times going to and from the terminal. Our safety training for shuttle operations, using materials from the National Safety Council, ensures that your customers arrive having enjoyed a smooth, safe ride.

Valet Services

We provide curbside valet service at several airports. Curbside valet offers an additional revenue stream to Airports while providing a no wait, hassle free option for customers wanting an additional level of service at the Airport. It helps keep your curbside free of additional traffic while enhancing the customer experience at the Airport.

Taxi Starter

Republic Parking manages the taxi starter operations at several airports. Often taxis, shuttles, and limousines have free reign of the front of the terminal causing congestion and confusion for customers. Our taxi starters greet customers arriving from their flights and quickly arrange for their travel needs. We queue the taxis in a remote lot and use modern communications to signal the vehicles to the terminal when a customer is waiting. We track the number of vehicles by type and company, organize the data for billing and accounting purposes.

Traffic Management

Republic Parking’s curbside traffic management services enforce traffic rules at the front of the terminal ensuring a congestion free lane for customer pick up and drop off.

Consulting Services

Republic Parking’s senior staff can provide consulting services for a variety of needs and projects. Whether you are seeking to obtain a new revenue control system, upgrade your current revenue control system, review your signage and graphics, change traffic flows, add on or modify your ground transportation management, or just want a complete analysis of your current operations we can provide experts that have the skills to assist you.