Immobilization Sevices

Republic Parking is the largest provider of parking management services to municipalities in the United States. Included the services that we provide to cities across the country is a full suite of parking enforcement services. Annually we issue more than 2,000,000 parking citations on behalf of cities generating revenues in excess of $100,000,000. One of the major challenges any municipality is faced with is overdue payment collection. Immobilization, aka booting, is one of the primary tools that cities employ to collect unpaid parking citations (as well as other outstanding taxes, fines, etc.). Republic Parking provides many of our municipal clients’ immobilization services.


The following are a few of the cities for which we have provided immobilization services:

• Lincoln, NE
• Omaha, NE
• Hartford, CT
• Lexington, KY

• Charlotte, NC
• Chattanooga, TN
• Virginia Beach, VA
• Springfield, MA

• Ann Arbor, MI
• Durham, NC
• Louisville, KY
• Medford, MA

Republic Parking works with each of our municipal clients to develop an immobilization program that best fits their program goals. The client always remains in control of the policies and procedures governing the immobilization program, including:

• Criteria for scofflaw status
• Noticing required prior to immobilization
• Process for identifying scofflaws
• Procedure for immobilization
• Payment protocol for immobilized vehicles
• Release procedure

Republic Parking leverages our experience and industry expertise in our consultation with our municipal clients to enhance the success of the immobilization program.

License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition is one of the most efficient and accurate ways to enforce parking today. Our LPR cameras capture plate characters with a time stamp and GPS coordinates. This not only increases enforcement accuracy, but also compliance among customers as well.

The VATS system fully integrates with LPR technology which allows the enforcement of permits, time limits, parking zones, tire chalking, and other enforcement related needs.

The system also searches for scofflaw and hot list flagged license plates automatically as plates are read. This will allow you to gain back current lost revenue and prevent future scams. If you would like to learn more about what LPR can do for your parking operation, our team would happily give a demo of the effectiveness of the system. Just contact us for more information.