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Client Services


The Client Services division was created in 2000 in response to meeting Republic's ever increasing client needs. In today's competitive marketplace it is essential that we are meeting the needs of our clients. Today that means doing more than just staffing the booth.

The commitment of the Company to client services after the proposal process is a key factor in the Company's success. Added services coupled with the Company's operating philosophy of "Focusing on the Fundamentals" stresses the importance of getting back to the basics of parking management. The Client Services Division, under the direction of David Lambeck in the Corporate Office, provides the support services to our clients to help meet their goals.

Services Provided

Des Moines International Airport (Iowa) – The Airport Authority contracted with us to write a Request for Proposal document (including specifications) and manage the RFP process from release through evaluation and award. Ski Data was ultimately selected and we worked with the Airport, the manufacturer, and the distributor to insure the system was installed and running as specified.

Columbia Metropolitan Airport (South Carolina) – We worked with the Airport to customize a solution for a new PARCS that included AVI technology at the entrance and exits, customized reporting, and greater ease of customer use. Republic, using our distributor relationship, selected HUB Parking Technologies to provide the system that met the Airport’s needs. Our regional staff was at the airport to supervise the installation from start to finish.

Grand Forks International Airport (North Dakota) – When the Airport Authority decided to build a new terminal and parking lot they asked Republic to work with their architects and engineering firm to help design the most efficient process for traffic flow, ingress, egress, and security. In addition, in a turnkey project, we purchased and installed an entirely new PARCS with booths and integrated it with a separate economy/overflow lot.

Corpus Christi International Airport (Texas) – The Airport asked us to select a new PARCS that would improve customer service and reporting as well as integrate with ground transportation reporting. In addition, they asked us to make recommendations on reconstructing some of the parking lot entrances to create more efficient ingress for customers. We selected the Data Park revenue control system, contracted with local firms to run conduit and fiber at the newly constructed entrance lanes, and had our regional staff at the location to supervise the construction and installation.

Meadows Field, Bakersfield (California) – To solve a problem of no communication conduits available for a new installation of equipment, Republic worked with the equipment company to provide a reliable wireless solution. All lanes communicate with the server and all entrances are using wireless communications that provide intercoms to all entrances for improved customer service and excellent revenue control.

The Client Services Division provides functional design and facility layout services that includes parking space layout, traffic flow, pedestrian flow and related design recommendations. The layout process is done in conjunction with the project’s approved Architect to ensure all operating issues are addressed during the design process.
The best designs are balanced taking into consideration of the customers the facility is designed to service. Our in-house staff translates the project's needs into the best parking design solution. We balance space maximization with customer convenience and efficiency.

The comfort, safety, convenience and security of a customer visitor or employee are paramount. The Republic Parking System Client Services Division understand how integral signage lighting and traffic flow are to a successful project. We are in the business of helping you to determine what is best for your facility's individual needs and creating solutions for those specific needs.
Information brochures, fliers and posters may be prepared for locations that have a need to provide location information for tenants, visitors or outside agencies that require parking information.

The brochures include useful information such as the facility’s location (for visitors), hours of operation, parking rates, validation procedures, billing information and amenity programs. The brochures are distributed to new employees, visitors, building tenants, and vendors to help acclimate them to the parking facility.

In addition to information brochures Republic Parking System can produce, promotional fliers, parking newsletters and other marketing materials that can aid the sale of parking spaces to the public. Since most of Republic Parking System’s marketing is done face to face, these types of sales collateral are invaluable.

Another very popular customer service item is our Ambassador Guides. These guides are compiled with the relevant local information specific to each parking location. Directions to popular tourist destinations along with interesting information is assembled with the tourists and visitors in mind.

In those locations that have a great deal of drive in tourists we can provide driving directions to help them get back to the Interstate Highway system.
Over the last 10 years, Republic Parking System has evaluated and supervised the installation of over 75 access control systems in parking facilities of all types. Recent equipment installations include:

Rochester, MN (Citywide Parking System) We evaluated, recommended and installed a Skidata revenue control system.

Knoxville, TN (First TN Plaza) - We have installed a pay-in-lane AMANO AGP 6800 Automated machine in place of the Cashier at the exit. The installation of this machine has lead to an increase of 40% in transient revenue.

Baltimore, MD (Arena Garage) - We operate a fully automated Sheidt-Bachman revenue control system in the Arena Garage. The system operates 24 Hours per day with over 300 events per year with no cashiers at the exit plaza and no transactions processed outside the system (no event mode).

Chattanooga, TN (Tallan Garage) – We have installed a Federal APD automated pay-in-lane machine in place of the Cashier at the exit. This garage has very few transient transactions and has allowed us to trim payroll and operate more efficiently.

Chattanooga, TN (River Pier Garage) – We have installed a Federal APD automated pay-on-foot and pay-in-lane machines and operate as a totally automated facility. This heavily utilized garage processes 100% of all transactions (even events) through the revenue control system using value cards, credit cards and cash.

Chattanooga, TN (CARTA) – Recently the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority has taken over the parking administration duties for the City of Chattanooga. With Republic’s input they have approved the purchase and installation of 22 on-street and 14 off-street Digital Payment Technologies multi-space parking meters.
Providing study to existing parking operations to ensure the most efficient control of revenue, labor and expenses. In most cases, the design and consulting services we provide allow our clients to realize increased parking revenues either through the creation of additional parking spaces, changes in the method of operation, reduction in payroll expenses due to equipment enhancement or modifications to the level of parking charges.

The Client Services Division provides utilization analysis services to our clients for facilities that need to optimize the parking mix and rate structures. These analyses include detailed diversity ratios, oversell factors and space use analysis information.
The Client Services Division provides web site design for our clients who wish to publish their parking information on the World Wide Web. The sites can be listed under their own web domain or included in the client’s existing sites. An example would be

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