About Republic

About Republic

About Republic

Republic Parking System, Inc. was formed January 2, 1966, in Chattanooga, Tennessee where it maintains it Home Office to this date.  

Originally, the Company was founded to operate at airports and consequently was called Air Terminal Parking. As expansion into urban projects of downtown lots and parking garages took place, the name “Air Terminal” no longer was appropriate and in 1986 a new logo and the name of Republic Parking System was adopted.
  Republic Parking System has developed a management philosophy of a hands-on approach to parking management. Executives on all levels are involved in the daily management of the Company’s operations. From profit and loss statements, to revenue summaries to uniform programs, Republic’s senior management provides that critical eye to local management, providing the direction and the benefit of years of hands-on management experience. This ensures that every operation is benefiting from the knowledge and experience that Republic has developed over 40 successful years of operation.

In addition to the executive management teams, Republic Parking System fully supports the field operations with Regional Offices and a full service Corporate Support team. Accounting, Insurance, Legal, Information Technology, Marketing and Parking Consultancy are just a few of the support services made available to the management structure.

Airport Division

Bob Linehart
Chief Operating Officer - Airports

John Leavens
Senior Vice President

Bill Mayo
Regional Manager - Midwest

Don Barrett
Senior Vice President

Jennifer Carroll
Regional Manager - Southeast

Daniel Lassiter
Regional Manager - Florida

Vince Speziale
Regional Manager - Northwest

Graham Leach
Regional Manager - West Coast

Roger Weisenbeck
Regional Manager - Mid West

Urban Division

Brian Kern
Vice President - Western Region

Jack Skelton
Vice President - Eastern Region

Brian Favela
Regional Manager - Texas Region

Notice to Houston First Parking Customers

Isaiah Mouw
Senior Vice President - MCS

Randy Jones
Vice President - On Street

Corp. Support

Scott Titmus

Ben Wolfley
Chief Financial Officer

David Lambeck
Vice President of Marketing & Client Services

Alan Doherty
Senior Vice President

Jan Veal
Human Resources

Tammy Jones
Risk Management

Chelle Mull
Corporate Office Manager



Republic Parking System will be a leader and one of the most successful organizations in the world in the field of parking and transportation services both in airports and urban markets.


Republic Parking System's Mission is to exceed client and customer expectations by providing unparalleled professional service, fostering employee growth and development, and providing strong leadership, training and development in an environment that respects the dignity of our most important asset - our employees.

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