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About the Installation

Installation Schedule

As you have likely seen the installation in progressing and is now about 95% complete.  Once the physical equipment has been installed we will begin configuring and testing the system.  Please bear with us during this period also.  Thank you for your patience. 

The new proximity card readers require the card to be very close, please wave your access cards very close to the reader.

Installation Details

Change can be inconvenient. The age of the current ticket machines, card readers, and gates make them no longer economically feasible to maintain. In acquiring new systems, it is our intention to make this transition as smooth as possible. The team of installers are highly trained in parking systems.

The expected course of action:

Lanes will be closed one at a time.
Work will be done during regular working hours.
Signage will be used to inform when lanes will close and what lanes to use.

Please be Patient

These are estimated dates and are subject to change. We will post signs at the designated areas prior to the installation dates affecting those lanes. During this time, we will have two systems in operation and this will require some patience on everyone’s part.

We hope to be able to transition over from the old to the new in a matter of 7 days.

Parking Application / Agreements

Parking Application

Please download and complete the Parking Application below to apply for a monthly parking space in 2300 Main


Parking Agreement

Once your application is accepted the following Parking Agreement document needs to be completed


Credit Card Authorization

Once the Parking Agreement is completed the Credit Card Authorization needs to be completed.


Parking Information

Monthly Parking

 Type Monthly Rate
 Reserved Spaces  $150.00
 Non-Reserved  $100.00
 Buddy Spaces (Not Currently Available)  $95.00
 Nest Parking (Not Currently Available)  $70.00
 OK Street  $100.00
 Handicapped (plate or placard required)  $50.00

Daily Parking Rates

Length of Time Rate
0 - 1/2 hour   $2.00
31 min - 1 hour   $5.00
1 hour - 1 1/2 hours   $8.00
1 1/2 hour - 2 hours   $10.00
2 hours - 2 1/2 hours  $12.00
2 hours 31 minutes +   $15.00
24 Hour Max  $15.00
Lost ticket $15.00

Key Phone Numbers


Parking Office 816.329.2204
Manager Cell Phone 816.550.4783
Emergency 911

Parking Procedures

Monthly Parkers

The monthly parking procedures will not change when it comes to how a Monthly Parker enters or exits the facility. Parkers will scan their card on the device where it says, “Scan Key Card Here”. Scan Cards must be 4 inches or closer to the reader to read properly. The facility design does not change, so the process only changes in the type of  cards and the devices being used.

The main change in Monthly Parking is the control of Nest and Part-Time Parkers.

Nest Parkers

Nest parkers will enter on the P1 or P3 entry.  The parker then proceeds to the Nest (must enter Nest within 15 minutes) and scan their card again. 

Nest Parkers can be locked out for the following reasons.

- Nest parkers can be locked out when they do not enter the Nest after entering the facility within 15 minutes.

- Nest parkers  can be locked out when they do not exit the facility within 15 minutes after leaving Nest Parking area.

Locked out parkers will be required to pay the Lost Ticket fee to exit the facility. This fee will not be refunded.

Part-time Parkers

This category of parker has been grandfathered in after it was discontinued in 2015. Individuals that were on this plan were permitted to remain. Once that individual left the facility, they were no longer eligible for the plan.

Part-time parkers are permitted 15 days per month parking. In the new system, the 15 days is turned into cycles. A cycle is one in and out. That means, a part-timer can enter and exit 15 times in a month without accruing any more fees.

Part-time parking is a reduced rate with remove unlimited in and out privileges.

Daily Parking

Daily Parkers are going to face the most change. These types of parkers include Employees, Tenants, Visitors ,Vendors, Construction Workers, and Government Employees.

Current Cash Customers will no longer be able to use that option. This location will process paying transient customers using Credit/Debit or Validation Stickers. All non-access card users will be required to pull a ticket at entry. The tickets will be required in order to exit.

Ticket process is as follows: Parker enters facility At Ticket Machine, visitor presses button Visitor takes ticket, Gate raises, Visitor enters, CC/Debit users leave ticket in vehicle in a safe place

Payment Options


Insert Entry ticket, Verify the fee on the display, slide credit/debit card in and out of reader. MAGNETIC STRIP UP AND TO THE RIGHT

When processing is complete, the gate will open.  If you need a Receipt? Press the “Receipt” button.

If you are having processing issues, press the “Assist” button and one of our remote attendants will assist.

Validated Visitors

Some of the Tenants of the building provide parking for their visitors. This is done in the form of a validation sticker. Parkers must have their ticket to use this sticker. If they do not have the ticket at exit, the sticker will not be able to be processed.

The following are steps to exit with a Validated Ticket:

- Place Validation sticker on the ticket (note instructions on the ticket to - Place validation sticker here)

- Insert Validated Ticket, Ticket will process and screen will display "Thank you".

When processing is complete, the gate will open If the visitor is having processing issues, press the “Assist” button and one of our remote attendants will assist

Lost Ticket

Lost tickets are charged $15.00  If a visitor loses a ticket they will proceed as follows:

Press button labeled “Receipt/Lost” Display will say “$15.00” Slide credit/debit card in and out of reader. MAGNETIC STRIP UP AND TO THE RIGHT

When processing is complete, the gate will open.  If you need a receipt, press the “Receipt” button

If the visitor is having processing issues, press the “Assist” button and one of our remote attendants will assist.

Monthly Payment Options

The new system will bring minor to how payments are taken for Monthly Parkers.

Recurring payments using Virtual Merchant/Converge can be setup in the office during office hours.

Checks will no longer be accepted for payment.

Payment Web Site

The new system will no longer have a web based payment portal. Recurring payments must be set up in the Parking Office.

Parking Areas

The parking areas for the 2300 Main parking program are below.
If you desire to apply for parking. Please complete the Monthly Parking Application.




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