Client Services

The Client Services division was created in 2000 in response to meeting Republic's ever increasing client needs. In today's competitive marketplace it is essential that we are meeting the needs of our clients. Today that means doing more than just staffing the booth.

The commitment of the Company to client services after the proposal process is a key factor in the Company's success. Added services coupled with the Company's operating philosophy of "Focusing on the Fundamentals" stresses the importance of getting back to the basics of parking management. The Client Services Division, under the direction of David Lambeck in the Corporate Office, provides the support services to our clients to help meet their goals.

Services Provided

Des Moines International Airport (Iowa) – The Airport Authority contracted with us to write a Request for Proposal document (including specifications) and manage the RFP process from release through evaluation and award. Ski Data was ultimately selected and we worked with the Airport, the manufacturer, and the distributor to insure the system was installed and running as specified.

Columbia Metropolitan Airport (South Carolina) – We worked with the Airport to customize a solution for a new PARCS that included AVI technology at the entrance and exits, customized reporting, and greater ease of customer use. Republic, using our distributor relationship, selected HUB Parking Technologies to provide the system that met the Airport’s needs. Our regional staff was at the airport to supervise the installation from start to finish.

Grand Forks International Airport (North Dakota) – When the Airport Authority decided to build a new terminal and parking lot they asked Republic to work with their architects and engineering firm to help design the most efficient process for traffic flow, ingress, egress, and security. In addition, in a turnkey project, we purchased and installed an entirely new PARCS with booths and integrated it with a separate economy/overflow lot.

Corpus Christi International Airport (Texas) – The Airport asked us to select a new PARCS that would improve customer service and reporting as well as integrate with ground transportation reporting. In addition, they asked us to make recommendations on reconstructing some of the parking lot entrances to create more efficient ingress for customers. We selected the Data Park revenue control system, contracted with local firms to run conduit and fiber at the newly constructed entrance lanes, and had our regional staff at the location to supervise the construction and installation.

Meadows Field, Bakersfield (California) – To solve a problem of no communication conduits available for a new installation of equipment, Republic worked with the equipment company to provide a reliable wireless solution. All lanes communicate with the server and all entrances are using wireless communications that provide intercoms to all entrances for improved customer service and excellent revenue control.