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Overnight and Monthly Parking

​31st Street Garage


​Overnight and Monthly Parking

​9th Street Garage


​Oversized Vehicle Parking

​4th Street Lot


​Residential Parking Permits


​Parking Lease at Town Center


​24 Hour Meter Assistance


​Parking Ticket Payment

​City Treasurer's Office


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Rob Fries, CAPP​

Parking Manager


Mike Askew

Parking Supervisor


​Karri​​em (Mac)​ McQuiller

Parking Supervisor

​Cecelia (Cec​e) Riddick​​​


​Chris Polk, CAPP

​GM / Resort Parking

​Joe Belec​​

​GM / Town Center Parking

​Resort Area Parking Operations


​31st Street Garage


25th Street Garage



​9th Street Garage


​Parking Ticket Payment*


Fee Payment

The following types of payments for parking management fees are accepted:


*No cash transactions accepted for any parking management-related items.

Pay Citation

Parking Tickets

There are two ways to pay parking tickets online. One option allows you to use your checking account and all you need is your checking account and the ticket. You may also pay using a major credit card and information from the ticket.  An additional fee is applicable. 

Late Payment Citations

If a parking citation is not paid within 14 days, the original citation amount will increase in value.  If the citation is not paid within 60 days, the City may request a DMV hold on the annual vehicle registration which includes a $20 fee and an additional late fee assessment up to $50.

Parking Violation Citation Appeals

All parking citations can be viewed here

Violations can be voided administratively if they were written in error. Examples of errors could be wrong license plate number, wrong car description, or wrong dates. Administrative reviews of parking violation errors can be made by contacting Republic Parking Systems at 757-437- 1157 or by e-mailing

To challenge the validity of the parking violation citation, contact the City Treasurer’s Office at 757-385-6435 to schedule an appeal hearing with the City of Virginia Beach Traffic Court. The Traffic Court convenes once a month to adjudicate traffic and parking violations.