Municipal Parking Services

Republic Parking System's business model has proven to be a perfect match for the needs of the municipal parking client. Our growth in the municipal sector has been unmatched in the industry. Today we are the largest operator of municipal parking systems in the USA. What differentiates us from our competitors is the level of service and attention we provide to our municipal clients. Republic Parking provides experienced quality on-site management teams that are strongly supported by our District, Regional and Corporate offices.

Many of our municipal clients receive over twenty visits a year from Republic Executives and Corporate support staff. Republic’s goal is to develop multi-layered relationships with our clients that truly “add value” to their parking operations. We hear over and over again from our clients that “Republic simply does more than anyone else”. This is the reason why we have many municipal contracts that are in their third, fourth and even fifth terms.

What makes Republic Parking unique: 

Executive Involvement & Support
Customized Training Programs
The Ambassador Program
Corporate Auditing & Monitoring
Value Added Services